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Since 1982, I have been trading in the stock market. I have tried a number of different approaches, brokers, styles, websites, and software. I have traded stocks on both the long and short side as well as options. Along the way I have adopted my trading approach to accommodate my kids and full time job. I have had good years and bad years.

This website contains information collected over the years and is a summary of what I have learned. I created this site for a number of reasons. One of them was to move to the next level as a trader. I am trying to go from the makes a little bit of money to makes a lot of money stage. Don’t laugh, making a little bit of money in the market is better than most. The average trader consistently loses money to the markets.

To move to the next level requires one to acquire new knowledge. If we continue to do the same things then basically, we will get the same results. Thus, I am slowly making changes to my trading style which hopefully will get me to the next level.

The website name was derived from the word KNISPOTM which is short for knowledge is power. The phrase, knowledge is power was first published in the Meditationes Sacrae which was written by Sir Francis Bacon in 1597.

However, one of the things I have learned since starting this website is that while knowledge may give you power unless you act on that knowledge it is of little value. As an example, if you see a trade and do nothing but talk and think about it you will never profit from your knowledge. Thus my motto for this site has become:

Knowledge is power but action produces results

I hope the information presented here provides you a way to shorten the time it will take you to become a good stock trader.

Something which I have come to realize is the following:

"If you are not happy with what you have now then you will never be happy because you will always have what you have now." Mark, September 3, 2014

If the above quote does not make sense to you, think about it.

I wish you the best in your trading journey.



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