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Lessons from These Professionals can save you Time and Money

If you are interested in understanding the stock market, then you will need to begin to study it. There are multitudes of ways to trade stocks and learning one way may be all that you need to make the difference between winning and losing. There are basic concepts which you must become familiar with before you become a consistent winner in the stock market.

"The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things ina certain way, and those who do things in this certain way - whether on purpose or accidentally - get rich ...

From all these things, we must come to the conclusion that getting rich is the result of doing things in a certain way."

Wallace D. Wattles, 1910
The Science of Getting Rich (see below)

Understanding the stock market does not have to cost you a lot of money. I have seen people stand in line to pay up to $3,000 for a weekend stock trading course. However, now I would think long and hard about spending thousands of dollars on a weekend course.

I say this because, learning the stock market trading strategies listed below, which are available for a fraction of the price, can increase your ability to trade the stock market just as the more expensive courses can.

If you want to take a hands on approach to understanding the stock market and start to master the art of trading stocks then you will need to start getting educated. There are two areas which you will have to learn to start to pull money from the market. First you need to become disciplined and second you will need to learn about what makes a good stock trading system.

To become disciplined you will likely need to be coached on making some potentially minor changes to the way you think. This type of coaching will greatly increase your ability in understanding the stock market.

Also, you will need to learn at least one system to trade the stock market. To improve my results and reduce the number of errors I make, I have purchased the Short Swing Trading: Strategies for trading the stock market. and Stock Market Online Option Trader: The Systematic Approach which are described below.

In today’s market, getting educating is becoming easier all of the time. Now information about understanding the stock market can be delivered to you in the following forms: DVD, MP3, online video, online audio, books and e-books. There is sure to be a method available by which you can learn.

The Cost of Trading

In my quest to begin understanding the stock market and in order to learn technical analysis, I have read over 40 stock trading books and have paid to attended three trading courses. My first course was a one day course for $295. This was followed by a home study course which included videos and a study binder for $1,495 and finally, a 2 day live lecture on day trading for $995 which included video tapes and an instruction manual. Through my association with Investools, I have also attended three other weekend stock trading courses.

I have also internalized that there are multiple ways to find stocks to trade and an unlimited number of ways to trade stocks. On this page, I review two methods which I have purchased. They are available from Amazon. If you are not interested in purchasing an educational product at this time I have provided a simple entry method on my stock trading strategies webpage. Note that this is just an entry method and not a fully described system as the ones discussed below are.

You come across information all of the time, some you look at and some you do not. Knowledge can come in many different forms and you never know where the piece that you are searching for will come from. 

The links below will lead you to two resources which you may not have considered before and will help you in understanding the stock market. Each offer will teach you something.

There will be a cost to learning to invest in the stock market. The main errors beginner traders make but which are easily corrected are:

1. Overtrading
2. Not having a trading plan
3. Making poor exits or entries
4. Having a poor money management system
5. Trading the wrong strategy for your personality

In my quest in understanding the stock market and a desire to learn about investing, I have read and studied the two educational products below. Both gave me more knowledge than I had before and were well worth the cost. By now, it is amazing to me that many people would rather lose money to the markets instead of understanding the stock market and learning how to play the game.

For you, if you can gain one piece of wisdom or trading idea through your purchase that improves your trading, I think you would agree that the information would be worth the price. As an example, a recent CD set I purchased for around $70 contained many interesting pieces of information, but the one bit of information that made the CD worth the price was found on one 5 minute section on one of the CDs.

Now let's explore the offers below and begin your trading journey into understanding the stock market.

1. Stock Market Online Option Trader: The Systematic ApproachI purchased the Online Option Trading Manual for two reasons. First, it allows me to critique what products I have on my site to make sure they deliver value to my readers and second it increases my ability in understanding the stock market. Dr. Cooper’s Online Option Trading Manual is definitely worth keeping on this site.

The work by Dr Cooper was featured in "Multiple Streams of Income" by Robert Allen. Like all skills, trading stocks and options will take time and money to master. Thus, it is generally a good idea to spend some time with someone who knows the road and knows the pain that beginners go through when they start to learn to trade.

While the title Online Option Trading Manual seems to appeal only to option traders this is not the case as the first part of the manual deals strictly with stocks. First they find the stocks then they find the options. So if you are only interested in stocks, just ignore the options section or keep it in mind when you feel you are ready to add options to your repertoire.

While I will not go into detail, I found three really interesting tips in this manual and for the money, it has definitely provided value. After reading this manual there were a number of changes I made to my trading plans and some stated expectations to which I am now aiming.

My main disappointment was that a complete trade from start to finish was not illustrated in my manual.

In summary, I highly recommend Dr. Cooper's Stock Market Online Option Trader as it will go a long ways to providing you the answers you are looking for and give you suggestions on how to improve your trading so you can start to trade stocks profitably.

2. Short Swing Trading: Strategies for trading the stock market. written by David Graeme-Smith is based on the experience he has gained from training and supporting well over a thousand traders. He has seen all of the common mistakes traders so often make. The book describes the difference between what the successful 10% of traders do as opposed to the 90% who end up losing enough money to make them quit. This book can be understood by all levels of traders, will benefit the novice as much as the expert and is a must read whether you intend to trade for a living or not.

David offers a very simple approach to trading and after I read Short Swing Trading there was one really interesting comment which made the book very worth while, which I still use when I trade. Described is a trading strategy which gets you into and out of the market generally within two weeks. David provides a complete set of trading rules which will progress your trading more than the current buy and hope strategy used by so many traders and investors today. Just by understanding the rules of his simple trading plan you should begin to see an improvement in your trading results.

Remember, it is the action you take today that will make a difference to you in the future and move you towards understanding the stock market. Taking no action will just get you more of what you are all ready getting. Which is great if you like where you are but not so great if you do not.

I know you do not know which of the above educational products to consider but if you had a choice, which one would you pick, David Graeme-Smith's Short Swing Trading: Strategies for trading the stock market. or Dr. Cooper's Stock Market Online Option Trader: The Systematic Approach

Since one is about options and the other stocks it should be relatively simple to make the decision. I have purchased both of these manuals and can recommend both of them. Any and all will be a plus to have in your library. 

PS - Understanding the stock market and learning technical analysis takes time and the ability to learn from ones mistakes. Also, you need to find a trading strategy which works for you. To speed up the process those in the know learn from those who are already successful. By reading the above trading strategies you will be starting this proven successful process.

Understanding the stock market

Totally grasp and understand that not all trades will be winners. <b>You will have losing trades.</b> I think the largest issue traders have is their mindset. To be a good trader, begins with understanding yourself and a few key principles. To get you started on your path to success, I have included a link to the Science of Getting Rich. The link below, which will open in a new window, will provide you with your very own copy of The Science of Getting Rich. This is a quick read and consists of only 49 pages. Remember, you must do things in a certain way if you want to improve in any area of your life.

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