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Compound Interest
This page provides a table of compound interest rates and how they affect final equity.

Trading Signals
Trading signals are an integral part of a trading system. Match your trading signal with your trading psyche.

Writting a Trading Plan
Here is an example of a trading plan which was written for consolidation trades. You can use it as a template.

Online stock trading is all about taking control of your financial future
When you start to play the online stock trading game, you will make most of your trading decisions using online information.

How many losses in a row do you think you can handle while trading?

Monte Carlo Simulator for Traders
This Excel based program will provide you with information which should improve your trading and understanding of your trading system.

Profit Factor
Learn how the profit factor can effect your bottom line.

Free Trading Course
Here is a trading course I put together that can move you forward from a struggling trader to one that feels confident.

Monte Carlo Simulation
Using a Monte Carlo Simulation program can help you get a better understanding of how many losses in a row your trading system will generate. Should you change your system or live through the drawdowns?

Trading System
A trading system or trading plan is a set of rules which you follow while you trade.

Trading Systems
To develop trading systems first you need a trading concept.

Stop Loss
A stop loss order is an order you place with your broker which is activated only after the price of the stock touches or goes below a specific price.

Stop Limit Order
A stop limit order is used as a protective sell when you cannot watch the markets or have found that when the time comes you cannot pull the trigger and get out of a losing position.

Forex Traders Contribution Article
Fundamental and Technicals Make a Great Investing Team

Bracket Order
A bracket order is an order which a stock trader enters which allows them to place both a limit order and a stop loss order at the same time on a particular stock.

The development stages of a stock trader change with experience.
How many development stages have you been through during your stock trading journey? Are you still buying on tips or are you doing your own research?

Discipline is one of the secrets of stock trading.
Your stock trading education is not complete unless you have dealt with the area of discipline. Learn how discipline or lack of it affects your trading.

Risk and money management are keys to successfully trading stocks.
Successful money management deals with the number of shares to buy, when to sell, how to buy and at what price to buy. Risk management is in all parts of trading.

Using technical analysis of stocks for your trading decisions?
Before you begin your journey into the technical analysis of stocks, you need to determine what type of trader you are.

Option trading can be used to enhance your stock trading returns
Many stock traders believe that option trading is risky and do not understand the value that options can bring to their portfolio

Are you gambling or trading in the stock market?
One of the differences between gambling on a stock trade, and trading stocks using good money management practices, is risk analysis. Knowing when to get out before you trade is a key element.

Limit order vs market order - what is the difference?
Controlling your trading risk includes how you enter the market. Do you place a market or limit order? One gives you speed while the other gives you price.

Your trading account size helps determine how you will trade.
How you trade depends on your account size. You should try and balance the type of trader you are with the size of your account.

Has a stock market trading tip left you at a loss?
Lots of people want to give you a stock market trading tip. Ever ask why? Generally, people give you stock tips to help them, not you.

Is buying stocks you know for you?
There is a lot to be said for buying stocks you know. But what about trading them. Is this strategy hampering your ability to find good stocks to trade?

The number of stocks you own may affect your portfolio risk
The number of stocks you own is dependent on your stock trading style. Is it better to diversify your portfolio or concentrate on a few well chosen stocks.

Which stock to buy - can depend on the type of trader you are
Different stocks for different folks. Learn how to identify which stock to buy.

Read book summaries on technical analysis books for stock traders
There are thousands of books on stock trading. Technical analysis book summaries will speed up your stock trading development by focusing your efforts on great books.

Where to buy trading books online
A book is a great way to generate stock trading ideas. Find out where to buy trading books online and save time and money.

Fundamental analysis book summaries gives you a head start on your reading
There are thousands of books on fundamental analysis. Here, fundamental analysis book summaries identifies some of the ones you should read.

Book summaries on residual income reviews books that will get your money working
Need to find a place to put your stock trading profits? Read book summaries on residual income to find out where to invest your hard earned cash.

Read book summaries on self help to improve your inner game.
You can be your worst enemy. Book summaries on self help gives you ideas from a few authors on ways to improve your mental attitude. Improve your inner game and your stock trading should improve.

Websites that offer value to a stock trader are reviewed here
This web page offers you a couple of places to go and find reviews of stock trading websites.

Stock trading websites provide useful information to a stock trader.
Stock traders who use the right mix of stock trading websites have a better chance of success.

Which stock trading system are you using?
A stock trading system is intended to tell a trader when to get in and out of the stock market. Learn about the types of trading systems out there and how they can benefit you.

A stock market trading system combines all aspects of trading.
You need to know yourself before you build a stock market trading system. Learning to trade the market requires a system using timing and strategy.

A stock market chart can help a stock trader?
Utilized to visually identify a stock's trading history, a stock market chart is used to recognize trading opportunities. Learn how to use these valuable tools.

Reading magazines about stock trading is a good way to keep current.
Stock trading magazines can play an important role on your journey to becoming a better trader. Learn what these magazines have to offer you.

Use stock market timing indicators that fit your stock trading personality
Traders and investors view stock market timing signals differently. When to buy a stock depends on your trading skill level and your investment goals.

When to sell stock is difficult at the best of times
Determining when to sell stock is an emotional experience. Locking in a profit or cutting a loss in a stock is one of the more difficult decisions a stock trader makes.

Stock investing or stock trader which one describes you?
Stock investing, stock trading and investors are all looking for different ways to make money. Which way is best for you?

Do stock markets indicators help or hinder you?
Too many stock market indicators on your stock charts can cause more confusion than clarity. Learn about these often misunderstood tools.

Too many technical indicators on your stock chart?
How many technical indicators should you have on your stock charts? Excess indicators can cause analysis paralysis, contradictions and confusion for the stock trader.

Is buy and hold really buy and hope?
Buy and hold is a great method if you are in the right stock at the right time. But what about the other 90% of your trades?

As a stock trader, what time frame do you like to trade?
A stock trader can be classified as either a: position, day or swing trader, scalper or investor. Knowing the type of trader you are is a good start in planning your strategy.

The type of stock broker you use needs to match your trading style.
Your stock broker can make you broke. To trade you need a broker. You can either spend a lot or a little. Only pay for what you need.

Determine your risk management plan before you trade
A risk management plan should identify how much you are willing to lose per trade. Do you have one?

How many shares should you buy?
For each trade you carry our how many shares you purchase should be based on your risk tolerance for that particular trade.

Define your exit strategy before you begin trading a stock.
It is easier to identify your exit strategy before you enter a stock trade than after. Use your discipline to plan your trade before you enter the market.

Stock market screener - finding stocks the easy way
A stock market screener is used by a stock trader to find specific stocks. There are screens based on technical analysis and others that examine company fundamentals.

Energy commodity chart - long term and 1 year
A stock trader can use a commodity chart to gauge when to buy or sell a commodity related stock. Short and long term charts of crude oil, natural gas, coal and uranium are shown.

StockFetcher is my preferred stock screener.
StockFetcher provides an economical way to screen stocks using end of day data.

A stock screener finds the type of stocks you are looking for.
A stock screener that is based on technical analysis uses stock market data to find stocks while a fundamental screener uses company specific information.

The best stockbroker online can be found by asking a few simple questions
Not all online stockbrokers are created equal. Before you sign on the dotted line ensure your stockbroker matches your needs.

Commodity charts can signal a change in the market.
Long term bull markets can be identified using commodity charts. Monthly checks on the direction of these metals can give you a leg up when trading penny mining stocks.

Precious metals commodity charts
Compare the prices of precious metals on these short, medium and long term commodity charts of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Book reviews, magazine and website for stock traders
On this site, there are a number of magazine, website and book reviews on stock trading. Getting educated before you trade will improve your odds of success.

Alternate trading resources can broaden your knowledge
The more you know the better your trading should become. Trading resources gives you further depth in to the world of trading.

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Here is a sitemap to the pages on this online stock trading website.

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KNISPO guide to stock trading was written to try and improve your stock trading skills.

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Stock trading can be hazardous to your financial health

Call options
Call options give you leverage and can define your risk

Covered calls
Writing covered calls is a relatively safe way to increase your return

To explain option trading you need to understand the basics of options
One way to explain option trading to someone is by giving them examples. Using examples it is easier to obtain an understanding of option trading.

Option trading strategies for stock traders
The option trading strategies discussed here are set up to reduce stock trading risk. They are suited for specific situations which you may encounter.

Put options
Put options are a different way to face a bear market

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Search our site for information on using technical analysis to play the stock market.

Covered call strategy
This covered call strategy shows that when picking stocks for covered calls a volatile stock that goes nowhere can play big dividends

Understanding the stock market - become a master
Interested in understanding the stock market? These books, audios, courses and mp3 products may help you.

A trading mentor can show you the light
If you are stuck in a rut, a trading mentor may be what you need to get to the next level

Investors business daily helps takes the guess work out of stock trading
Following Investors business Daily (IBD) advice is a great way to improve your stock investment and trading returns

What, another Investools scam
Is there really an Investools scam or are people just venting due to a lack of results.

Top stock exchanges in the world - quick links
Find the trading hours and web addresses of the top stock exchanges.

Personal coaching can improve your stock trading abilities
Many of the best traders obtain coaching to help them move forward.

Investools Reviews - Investools reviews may help you change your future

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Monte Carlo Simulator
for Traders
Having troubles sticking with your trading system?

Do you move from system to system looking for the one system that will bring you riches?

Perhaps you already have it and tossed it aside when it went into a down period.

Using this Excel based program will show you what you can expect out of your trading system once you know the % wins and profit factor.

Stop wasting your time searching for the perfect system (which does not exist) and start trading.