Are Stock Trading Magazines For You?

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Stock trading magazines are in some ways like little books. They contain a wealth of information but you are unlikely to use all of the information the first time you read them. After you read most journals you toss them. Keep your stock trading magazines. You should reread them every couple of years and you will gain more knowledge about yourself and trading.

choosing a stock trading magazine

Before you obtain a subscription to any of these periodicals, you should go to their website and either download a free copy or order a free copy. Read all three before deciding which one is for you.

To obtain more information on these magazines, click on the title for each one and a new window will open up with their website. Or for your convenience and comfort, a link to Amazon has been provided where you can purchase a subscription to each magazine. Generally, the price of a subscription will be lower if you order from the magazine directly, however for those that would prefer to deal with Amazon, I have included their link as well.

Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities is published monthly and has been around since 1982. It has information for all types of traders from beginner to advanced. Depending on where you are in your trading you might use any of these sections: letters to the editor, ads, indicators, systems, chart patterns, interviews, website reviews, product reviews, options, formulas for trading software, traders' resource or book reviews. There are basic as well as in depth articles on all aspects of trading. This is a highly diverse, easy to read and well laid out magazine. You can view one free copy of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities by filling in a form on their website.

Active Trader is published monthly and has been around since 1999. Active Trader is a magazine mainly for intermediate to advanced traders. Depending on where you are in your trading journey you might use any of these sections: letters to the editor, ads, market news, new products, systems, chart patterns, interviews, website and product reviews, advanced strategies, global market place, futures and options, trader stories, trading diary, traders' resource or book reviews. You can view four free copies of Active Trader by downloading it from their website, so check them out.

Tradersworld is published quarterly and has been around since 1988. Tradersworld caters to the advanced trader although intermediate traders should be able to obtain some useful information from each publication. There are a large number of articles packed into each issue, illustrated with black and white charts. The articles are concentrated on general trading ideas, discipline, cycles and have a heavier math emphasis than the other journals. They have a good book review section. You can receive two free copies of Tradersworld by filling in a form on their website. You can also purchase all of their back issues on CD which gives you a lot of information to improve your trading skills.

If you go to above websites you will generally be able to find a number of free articles. Just by reading many of these articles your stock trading skills should be improved.

The first time I read Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, I was looking for the one trading system which would make me rich. Now, I know that the system I was looking for does not exist. When I re-read the magazine a second time I was looking for money management strategies and when I read it a third time I was looking for articles on discipline. This is why I like to keep old copies. Each time I re-read them I am looking for something else.

While magazines give you up to date information on a variety of topics from a number of different authors, books give you focused content from one author. Both have a place in your trading world. Whether you prefer to read magazines or books on technical analysis is a personal choice.

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